Unreal Tournament Map


The idea was to create a AAA-standard level for Unreal Tournament, suited for 2 to 4 players.
Since this is a near impossible task for a single designer, I had to use modularity in order to fill and populate the entire level.
All meshes are developed in 3ds Max and are using PBR technology to keep them low-poly but still have them look fitting. I really liked working on this project and I learned a lot.

What I learned

First of all, level development. Building a blockout, playtesting and tweaking the blockout. I have about 20 hours of gameplay of just testing, tweaking and testing again.
Furthermore, I learned to build modular meshes and implement them in a level.
I also got introduced to Unreal Engine with this project, this allowed me to familiarize myself with Unreal shaders and the node system it has.