Unity game


Andromeda is a fast-paced top-down space shooter developed in Unity. The game is meant for at least 2 players, but can hold a max of 4. It features a co-op and versus mode, as well as different levels and a boss to finish the game.

The team

The group consisted of 4 people,
2 coders (me and Tim Dekker) and 2 artists (Erika Lochs and Maxime Barbieux).

What I did

I did most of the player movement, which we prototyped extensively, I eventually chose to go for the joystick to define direction and L2/R2 to throttle.
I designed and integrated the UI, every player has a respective HUD that shows that players' score, its health and shield value in the form of a bar and how many rockets are left. I also designed a dynamic way to indicate taking damage, where the HUD becomes increasingly red with damage. There's also a main HUD, showing how many enemies are left and the score distribution, a little circle indicating which player is doing better.
I did some basic implementations of the behaviors of planets and asteroids as well as heatseeking rockets.
Furthermore, I created enemy AI, which becomes increasingly difficult. The AI will look around in search of players and once it has found a target, chase it while shooting.
It will chase the player based on line-of-sight, so the player can still outmanoevre their enemies and hide.


Prototyping screenshot