Bart Kelchtermans

Developer of games, software and web technologies

Bachelor of Digital Arts and Entertainment, applied engineering & technology

Currently working on livelab // Livestreaming platform

Livelab allows companies struck by COVID-19 to earn revenue and engage with fans through livestreams embedded on their website.

Bartium // Web handler

First of its kind, Bartium is an experimental project with the ambitious goal to revolutionize web access.

Circle Rush // Mobile game

Circle Rush is a beautiful, simple and fun game including worldwide leaderboards and a multiplayer mode.

Andromeda // Unity game

A fast-paced top-down space shooter featuring a unique multiplayer experience and different gamemodes.

Crowd Simulation // Thesis

An interactive simulation tool for tweakable crowd simulation in customizable environments.

SkyScape // C++ Game

A Windows game built in C++, using DirectX 11 and nVidea PhysX.

Agent-based AI // Tech Demo

A self-sufficient agent-based AI designed to survive in random environments.

Perception // Unity game

An athmospheric puzzle game where you play an astronaut in a discontinued space station.

Bergmann MP18 // PBR model

The result of a study of the entire PBR pipeline for AAA game assets.

DM_RigZone // UT Map

A complete Unreal Tournament level where I worked through the entire pipeline of building a blockout and filling it with modular PBR meshes.

Voxel Shader // HLSL

A geometry shader that creates a voxelized version of any mesh, written in HLSL.

Fiat 131 Abarth // Highpoly model

A highpoly 3D model of the Fiat 131 Abarth, made with 3DsMax.

F14 // Rig

A study on rigging and animating a 3D model using Autodesk 3DsMax.

Picknick Antique // Graphic Design

Freelance work as a graphic designer for an event in my hometown. I was hired to design a logo and flyer.